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G/mdオリジナル ギター/ベースストラップ、ナローレザータイプ。
















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G/md original guitar / bass strap, narrow leather type.

Slim and simple design inspired by vintage straps.

Extra thick Italy / Tuscan produced full vegetable tannin leather exceeding 3 mm, polished and polished carefully strap.


It can not be tasted unless it is a special material, it is gorgeous and transparent with dyes, and features a deep color.

The surface finish to make full use of its rich facial expression has a disadvantage that scratches are easily entered by daily use, but even it is a wild material that becomes attachment.

Because it contains a lot of oil, bending the skin causes a change in color called "pull up".


Shoulder pads are included and the interior consists of multiple layers of interlining.

The part which touches the shoulder suppresses the slip by the suede fabric, while reducing the load during play of the urethane material inside.


Color: three colors expansion. With an exclusive BOX ideal for gifts.


In addition to beautiful stitch work, polishing handwork to each one of the leather parts, a finished finish never before.

It is common to all G/md products, it is unwavering commitment of the brand.

G/md "Addict" Leather strap 15mm (for guitar & bass)