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G/mdオリジナル ギター/ベースストラップ、ナローレザータイプ。
















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G/md original guitar / bass strap, narrow leather type.


Slim and simple design inspired by vintage straps.

Extra thick Italy / Tuscan produced full vegetable tannin leather exceeding 3 mm, polished and polished carefully strap.


Leather Fabrics We use heavy-duty material with high density and are the most plain finish in G / md straps.

The surface is matte finish, it increases glossier enough to wear it.


Shoulder pads are included and the interior consists of multiple layers of interlining.

The part which touches the shoulder suppresses the slip by the suede fabric, while reducing the load during play of the urethane material inside.


Color: 1 color expansion. With an exclusive BOX ideal for gifts.


In addition to beautiful stitch work, polishing handwork to each one of the leather parts, a finished finish never before.

It is common to all G/md products, it is unwavering commitment of the brand.

G/md "Classic" Leather strap 15mm (for guitar & bass)

Color: Black
  • Brand : G/md (ジーエムディー)


  • お取り扱い上の注意 : Notes on using




    <Notes on attaching>

      · To prevent the strap from coming off easily, the holes are fairly tight.

      · Check the pin size of your guitar or bass, soften the leather around the holes with your fingers before use.












    <Notes on using>

      · Leather products may lose its color or stain your clothes because of water, sweat, friction etc.

      · Direct sunlight and fluorescent light can also cause the strap fade or change in color. This comes from the properties of the materials.

      · High temperature, high humidity, and direct sunlight may cause deformation, changes in quality,

        and damage to the materials; keep the products in the ventilated shade.

      · Use only for the original purpose.

      · Keep it out of children’s reach.


      · Do not wash the products in water. (It may lead to deformation, changes in quality, and damage to the materials).

      · When it needs cleaning, wipe it off with a soft cloth moistened with water. Never use chemicals such as solvents.

  • 仕様:Detail




    牛革(イタリア トスカーナ産)、真鍮



    W15×L1050〜1230mm(Shoulder pad:W50×L350mm)


    Leather(in Toscana), Brass

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