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G/mdオリジナル ギター/ベースストラップ、スペシャルファブリックタイプ。










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G/md original guitar / bass strap, special fabric type.


Use material which reproduced embossed texture of leather surface on belt material of "Origin" series.

It is finished in a stylish one-tone design by combining soft tanned leather from the Italian · Tuscan region with beautiful fine texture and gloss and the same texture as the belt.


Color: 1 color expansion. With an exclusive BOX ideal for gifts.


In addition to beautiful stitch work, polishing handwork to each one of the leather parts, a finished finish never before.

It is common to all G/md products, it is unwavering commitment of the brand.

G/md "Surface" Webbing strap 50mm (for guitar & bass)

Color: Red(レッド)
  • Brand : G/md (ジーエムディー)


  • お取り扱い上の注意 : Notes on using




    <Notes on attaching>

      · To prevent the strap from coming off easily, the holes are fairly tight.

      · Check the pin size of your guitar or bass, soften the leather around the holes with your fingers before use.












    <Notes on using>

      · Leather products may lose its color or stain your clothes because of water, sweat, friction etc.

      · Direct sunlight and fluorescent light can also cause the strap fade or change in color. This comes from the properties of the materials.

      · High temperature, high humidity, and direct sunlight may cause deformation, changes in quality,

        and damage to the materials; keep the products in the ventilated shade.

      · Use only for the original purpose.

      · Keep it out of children’s reach.


      · Do not wash the products in water. (It may lead to deformation, changes in quality, and damage to the materials).

      · When it needs cleaning, wipe it off with a soft cloth moistened with water. Never use chemicals such as solvents.

  • 仕様:Detail




    ナイロン、牛革(イタリア トスカーナ産)





    Nylon, Leather(in Toscana)

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